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Woodworking is a trade that is centuries old.  There is a stigmatism about the trade, that it involves a few older men in dusty old garages executing their craft.  In today’s world there is a push for our youth to go to college and prepare themselves for white collar office positions.  Because of this push few people are learning the craft of woodworking. The problem is two-fold. 

First, we need a way to change the stigma and get people to understand woodworking is not a hobby, but actually a multi-billion dollar industry providing manufactured wood products. It is no different than a company manufacturing medical devices--except our work is much prettier!

Second, we need to attract people to the industry, through an understanding that what may start out as a position making cabinets, can end up as a position in upper management or even ownership, comparable to other manufacturing operations. In summary, how do we attract new employees and get them to think of woodworking as a career?

How can we provide engaging information that gets people excited about woodworking?

How do we distribute information around the potential for a long-term, successful career in the industry?

What information do we need to change the collective mindset around the industry?

Mission Statement

To reach out to people of all walks of life by educating and inspiring them to consider and pursue carpentry as a career.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • Amaya Batiz
    Jacqueline M. Walsh School for the Performing Arts
  • Elissa Parente
    Cranston Area Career Technical Center
  • Isabella McElroy
    Narragansett High School
  • Mikayla Ricks
    Mount Hope High School
  • Sophia Gaitanis
    Lincoln Senior High School

Business & Finance

  • Alan Mateo
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Kelechi Ezemma
    Chariho Regional High School
  • Noelia Vazquez
    Central Falls Senior High School

Research & Development

  • Abigail Tadamala
    Exeter-West Greenwich Regional High School
  • Gabriela Navarro
    Lincoln Senior High School
  • Jarrett Renaud
    Blackstone Valley Prep High School
  • Ruth Oliva Sanchez
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School


  • Crow Jackson
    South Kingstown High School
  • Sebastian Pacheco
    Lincoln Senior High School
  • Logan Marks
    Pilgrim High School
  • Armina Parvaresh Rizi
    Lincoln Senior High School
  • Kai Nunnally
    Classical High School



Jesscia Reavill

Office Manager, Herrick & White

Erica Smith

Business Support Manager, Citizens Bank

Rumsha Sheerani

Recruiter, SkillsRI

Business Coaches

Jeff Amylon

Director of Project Management, Herrick & White

Matthew Zimmerman

Executive Vice President of Engineering, FarSounder Inc.