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Student debt is currently one of the largest types of debt per person in the United States, second to only mortgage debt. Every year, a new set of teenagers are tasked with answering the same question: “Is it worth it for me to pay for college?” With little information to guide them, kids are making decisions that will have a lasting impact over the course of their lives.

How can we equip young adults with the tools they need to help them make an informed decision? A decision that will be based on reason and logic and not the simple notion that you will be better off if you attend a good university.

  • Is there an engaging educational platform or tool we can create that provides a positive user experience for students?
  • How can we market this tool in an exciting way for students?
  • How do we ensure the information students are learning is retained and credible?

Mission Statement

Pathfinders is making an app and/or website to teach and help young adults make better financial decisions, mostly about higher education. The app/website will also make it a more comfortable and less stressful of a process for students who worry about going into debt.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • Ashanty Espanol
    Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School
  • Emily Cloutier
    Toll Gate High School
  • Jayden Bradley
    Cranston High School East
  • Lillian Stapleton
    Scituate High School

Business & Finance

  • David Abdula
    Blackstone Academy Charter School
  • Jaden Dickson
    Cumberland High School
  • Owen Lokey
    North Kingstown Senior High School
  • Stephen DiChiara
    Lincoln Senior High School

Research & Development

  • Austin Ballou
    Woonsocket Area Career and Technical Center
  • Daniel Quiroa
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Gianni Loredo
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Mizelis Negron
    Central Falls Senior High School
  • Selena Cabral
    Cranston High School East


  • Jose Mercado
    Classical High School
  • Allen Chen
    North Providence High School
  • Bilal Vrucak
    Classical High School
  • Trinity Pickering
    Lincoln Senior High School
  • Lucas Meyer
    South Kingstown High School



Sofia Bakos

Associate Software Engineer, Fidelity Investments

Sandra Marks

Sr. Director, Program Management Fidelity Investments

Business Coaches

Richard Casey

Director, Project Management Fidelity Investments

Robert Garland

Director, Software Engineering Development Management Fidelity Investments

Marcey Santon

Director, Project Management Fidelity Investments

Victor Maurenko

Principle Software Developer/Engineer, Fidelity Investments