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Although renewable energy resources like solar and wind generation are more prevalent than ever, they are not always available. Environmental conditions like wind, sunlight, rain or snow can impact the amount and quality of energy that can be generated from those resources. For a city with a goal to power 100% of their buildings (80% of total energy consumption) with renewable resources over the next 10 years, what solution or strategy should they consider to combat the unpredictable nature of renewable energy and maintain a reliable electric grid? How can we maintain reliable renewable energy resources regardless of the weather conditions?

Mission Statement

Greengenuity is a combination of the words “green” and “ingenuity,” reflective of our position as a sustainable and ecofriendly corporation. Our mission is to promote the utilization of 100% renewable energy in cities to power their electric grids, since we prioritize the power of green sources and reducing the usage of non-renewable fuels. The current issue is unreliability, which Greengenuity aims to eliminate.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • Ava Marchand
    Toll Gate High School
  • Jayden Castro
    Pilgrim High School
  • Mae D'Ambra
    West Warwick Senior High School
  • Tyler Robichaud
    Coventry High School

Business & Finance

  • Alyn Rodriguez
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Jaidyn Long
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Margaret MacKechnie
    Middletown High School
  • Nathan Dieterich
    Mount Hope High School

Research & Development

  • Alan De La Cruz
    Paul Cuffee Upper School
  • Braden DeGraw
    North Kingstown Senior High School
  • Darren Ok
    Classical High School
  • Ginger Taylor
    William E. Tolman Senior High School
  • Shaili Sullivan
    Lincoln Senior High School


  • Tireni Onasanya
    Classical High School
  • Lyneth Mendoza
    Central Falls Senior High School
  • Monta Crooks
    Coventry High School
  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Blackstone Valley Prep High School
  • Paula Zhuang
    North Providence High School



Param Vora

Lead Product Manager, Freshworks

Jace Shuler

Software Engineer, General Dynamics

Business Coaches

Molly Rockwood

Industrial Engineer, CVS Health

Courtney Taylor

Recruiter, Skills for Rhode Island’s Future