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Johnson & Wales University recruits prospective students nationally and internationally to study in undergraduate programs. Our target audience is unique as it consists of high school students and parents/guardians that both engage in the college selection decision. The college search starts early, with some colleges starting to recruit prospective students in their sophomore year of high school. In the admissions marketing department, our primary goal is to engage with prospective college students and provide valuable information about JWU that will help the university gain a prominent position on prospective students’ college search lists. Communicating with high school students and their parents has become challenging as communications channels have continued to evolve.

JWU is looking to develop new strategic approaches to communicating with prospective students and parents. As a prospective college student, you have a unique vantage point to help the university solve this challenge and build solutions that will benefit prospective college students and also ensure higher education’s continued strong presence the Rhode Island economy.

  • What are the features, benefits, and experiences of a JWU education and academic program offerings that are of interest to a high school student? In what order should they be presented in a communications plan in order to gain a position in the consideration set? Price is also a unique positioning challenge, especially in higher education where determining net price is through a process. How do prospective students and parents perceive price in their college search process?
  • What marketing channels are best used to reach students and parents? For students, we are often told that people don’t read emails, not to send print mail, and what social media channels to use. How do we best get our message across in a consumable format for students?
  • What role do parents play in the process? What information do parents need at each stage in the college selection process, especially the consideration phase?
  • Are there unique aspects to the city of Providence that can be leveraged as part of the marketing message to help encourage others, especially those out of RI, to live and learn in Providence?

Mission Statement

We serve in our community as the bridge between colleges and our perspective students. We bring young vision to traditional mindsets.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • Cacilda Carvalho
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Galina Niemann
    Barrington High School
  • Jessica Gonzalez
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Mallory Gilmore
    Ponaganset High School
  • Quinn Budnick
    The Greene School
  • Zachary Lecours
    Lincoln Senior High School

Business & Finance

  • Abigail Klein
    Classical High School
  • Austin Grullon
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Yoselin Tavarez
    Classical High School
  • David Crossland
    East Greenwich High School

Research & Development

  • Diego Pozo
    Paul Cuffee Upper School
  • Isaac Dunning
    South Kingstown High School
  • Kai Maffucci
    South Kingstown High School
  • Stephan Jacobs
    Cranston High School East


  • Ester Gomez
    Woonsocket High School
  • Jazzlyn Sanchez
    Classical High School
  • Owen Morelli
    Coventry High School
  • Alleigha DeSousa
    North Smithfield High School
  • Raisa Saoda
    Barrington High School



Joe Magennis

Director of University Marketing Johnson & Wales University

Shannon Hatch

Manager of Digital Communications, Johnson & Wales University

Lauire O'Hara

Manager of Social Media, Johnson & Wales University

Business Coaches

Joshua McCarthy

Director of Admissions, Marketing & Communications Johnson & Wales University

Rachael Kern

Admissions Representative, Marketing Project Management Johnson & Wales University