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The US Department of Defense (DoD) is investing billions of dollars in hypersonic weapons programs. The Air Force, Army and Navy are all developing variants of hypersonic weapons. Hypersonic weapons fly at least 5 times the speed of sound. Because of the danger in testing these weapons, the DoD is evaluating and conducting tests in the ocean far from any land or people. The DoD must receive test results as close to real time as possible. Data may be very sensitive in nature and will require encryption/protection.

To address this problem, PURVIS Systems needs to design a high-speed video data reach back capability from the middle of the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii with the following capabilities:

  • Satellite internet or other similar technologies that can transmit high volumes of data from the open ocean test site to the command center will need to be explored.
  • High speed video cameras and other data collection devices will be used to measure the hypersonic test event. The results (video or data) need to be viewed near real-time at the command center in Hawaii. The video cameras will be on small remote-controlled boats and will transmit signals to a satellite. The communication link needs to be extremely reliable.
  • Two-way communications are needed if the remote-controlled boats need to retransmit the data and for other command and control functions.
  • All data must be protected (encrypted or protected in some other manner).

Mission Statement

Telepathy Industries strives to pioneer connectivity overseas for those who require protected and reliable communication.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • Adrianna Da Silva
    Classical High School
  • Cassidy Barrett
    RI Nurses Institute Middle College
  • Mariama Bandabaila
    Classical High School
  • Matt Coelho
    Mount Hope High School
  • Roseline Tavarez
    Juanita Sanchez High School
  • Zhakhongir Saliev
    Lincoln Senior High School

Business & Finance

  • Abraham Williams
    Cranston High School East
  • Jessica Kalish
    Classical High School
  • Mariama Sanyang
    William E. Tolman Senior High School

Research & Development

  • Amani Jackson
    Mount Hope High School
  • Edy Cruz
    Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts
  • Kaishawn Goncalves
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School


  • Isabella Lindsay
    Classical High School
  • Richard Buckley
    Ponaganset High School
  • Aine Dillon
    Ponaganset High School
  • Gavin Drew
    North Kingstown Senior High School
  • Paris Charbonneau
    Coventry High School



Steven Hafey

Mechanical Engineer, Purvis Systems

Paulo Baptista

Sr. Research System Administrator, Brown University

Crystal Ferrigan

Analytics Process Architect, FM Global

Business Coaches

Debbie Profitt

DoD Operations & Business Development, Purvis Systems

Kelly Doern

Senior Recruiter, Skills for Rhode Island’s Future