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Low-income adults in the community, especially those facing language and other barriers, do not have the technology, internet access, and/or digital literacy in order to search and apply for employment. In addition, many workers need additional training and support to obtain meaningful employment.

Progreso Latino is seeking support to develop an accessible solution to help low-income adults in the Latino-community overcome these barriers to digital literacy, technology, internet access and lack of training to help them gain meaningful employment.

  • How can we provide virtual resources to assist people in the community?
  • How can we provide support with things like resume development, basic computer skills like Microsoft Word, online job search tools, and management of online platforms like Google Meet and Zoom?
  • What resources do people in the Latino community currently use to search and apply for jobs? Where do they go for training opportunities?

Mission Statement

5ynco’s mission is to open up more career opportunities for the Latino community through teaching them skills in digital literacy. We will be doing this by providing computers, resources, and education.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • Aleck Rodriguez Bogaert
    Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts
  • Jonathan Teodros
    The Greene School
  • Mario Quiroa
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Zoe Guzman
    Cumberland High School
  • Grace Miguel
    Lincoln Senior High School

Business & Finance

  • Bhintuna Maharjan
    Classical High School
  • Farid Tobar
    Juanita Sanchez High School
  • Jessica Torres
    Classical High School
  • Robert Langella
    Coventry High School

Research & Development

  • Andrew Kelley
    Smithfield Senior High School
  • Celeste Tiodor
    West Warwick Senior High School
  • Emily Figueroa
    Paul Cuffee Upper School
  • Jacob Lacouture
    North Kingstown Senior High School
  • Qimanni Watts
    Charette Charter School
  • Tycen Colon
    North Providence High School


  • Adrialys Rodriguez
    Lincoln Senior High School
  • Matthew Gravier
    North Kingstown Senior High School
  • Kali Fang
    East Greenwich High School
  • Cassidy Boutelle
    North Smithfield High School
  • Glorianna Crichlow
    Johnston Senior High School



Jeraldin Guerrero

Senior Software Engineer, General Dynamics

Holly Walker

HR Development Coordinator, Davies High School

Sam Iserson

President NC3

Business Coaches

Shawnee Tavares

Senior Manager of Community Engagement, Skills for Rhode Island’s Future

Zachare Bonhoff

Talent Development Manager, CVS Health