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Museums have a two-part engagement problem: appeal (why should I come?) and participation (what should I do?) Different demographic and socio-economic groups present different challenges to this two-part problem. While we don’t want to over-categorize, we recognize that there is not one answer that works for all potential visitors. When admission was made free for teens in 2017, the hope was that with the cost barrier removed, more teens would be attending the museum and its programs. However, while there has been some increase, we have to find ways to consistently keep this message going because the frame of time for teens is limited. This problem particularly impacts teens who are unfamiliar with museums, do not have museum-going families, are new to Providence, and / or those who recently became teenagers. This conflict makes it difficult for new teens to feel welcome in museums, and this problem sustains class-based experiences. This strife also perpetuates the experience gap for people of color and families with young children.

How can we make museums more inviting to those who have not been and/or have preconceived ideas of what museum experience is like? How can we provide people, young people in particular, a more interactive and engaging experience once they do visit the museum?

  • How can we communicate change to traditional visitors?
  • How can we improve the hospitality through a marketing plan?

Mission Statement

Seven Arts seeks to revolutionize and rejuvenate the youth’s experience of museums across the nation to drive engagement, attract new audiences, increase accessibility to all people no matter the circumstance, and assist these institutions to thrive for the years ahead.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • Alexandra Segui
    William E. Tolman Senior High School
  • Hailee Patnaude
    North Providence High School
  • Jiselle Tapia
    Charette Charter School
  • Sarah Modeste
    North Providence High School

Business & Finance

  • Axcell Collins Mena
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Cameron LaBrie
    Lincoln Senior High School
  • Joseph Pinkrah
    North Providence High School
  • Ryan Tsang
    Coventry High School

Research & Development

  • Aaron Madeira
    Toll Gate High School
  • Chekotay Fremming
    360 High School
  • James Andersen
    Portsmouth High School
  • Kayden Melucci
    William E. Tolman Senior High School
  • Richard Beuck
    Exeter-West Greenwich Regional High School
  • Victor Awoleye
    North Providence High School


  • Giselle Garcia
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Mitchael Bears
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Emma Baker
    Tiverton High School
  • Claire Dancause
    Smithfield Senior High School
  • Jovannie Collins
    Classical High School



Ahmari Benton

Nancy Prophet Fellow, RISD Museum

Kate Pisano

Training and Development Manager, Kenzan

Danna Spencer

Senior Manager of Supported Employment, Skills for Rhode Island’s Future

Business Coaches

Christina Alderman

Assistant Director, Family & Teens Programs, RISD Museum

Sandy Tremblay

Principal, Founder Virtually Yours LLC