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With social media being commonplace today, schools are faced with an enormous challenge regarding how to properly regulate their students’ behavior to ensure they are able to receive their guaranteed right to a public education, including dealing with bullying, harassment and other disruptive behavior. As a government institution, schools have an obligation under the United States Constitution not to infringe on their student’s first amendment rights. Recently, the US Supreme Court decided Mahoney Area School Dist. v. B.L. This decision deals with a school’s ability to regulate off-campus speech. There is an urgent need to provide legal advice to education departments, school committees, and school administrators on what they can and cannot do in this context.

What is needed is a legal opinion explaining to the Department what schools may nor may not do under the recent US Supreme Court decision and advice on how to proceed without violating the US Constitution. This should include:

A framework on how schools can deal with speech-related disciplinary scenarios

An example or suggested rules a school may employ

Examples of legal/illegal disciplinary actions.

The opinion should take into account not only what the school may discipline based upon the court’s decision, but also due to policy concerns, what the school wants to discipline. Additionally, as technology is ever evolving, the opinion should also be broad enough to be adaptable to any technology or applications that are developed in the future.

Mission Statement

As a corporation we will create a place where students can share input while also providing impartial guidelines about speech-related discipline for schools.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • Allison Wisher
    Pilgrim High School
  • Dorian Boisse
    William E. Tolman Senior High School
  • Heclianie De Jesus Allende
    Woonsocket High School
  • Jullia Droukas
    Johnston Senior High School
  • Shanely Reyes
    Cranston High School East

Business & Finance

  • Cindy Pena
    Charette Charter School
  • Nathaniel Rodriguez
    William E. Tolman Senior High School

Research & Development

  • Aarush Kapoor
    Classical High School
  • Anna Rodriguez-Myers
    Lincoln Senior High School
  • Christian Ciotti
    North Providence High School
  • Jamyah Hill
    Classical High School
  • Laila Ghazi
    Cranston High School West
  • William Barden
    Blackstone Valley Prep High School


  • Aisha Alabede
    Paul Cuffee Upper School
  • Sanjana Ananthula
    Cranston Area Career Technical Center
  • Roberto Catoni
    Cranston High School West
  • Meghan Rawson
    William M. Davies Jr. Career-Technical High School
  • Kaitlyn Vitkin
    Cumberland High School



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College & Career Strategest (PrepareRI), Rhode Island Department of Education

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